High-profile hotel concept

The Amsterdam CityHub hotel, opened in 2015, is the first location of a new, high-profile hotel concept. It is seen as the future for budget hotels. Traditional hotel rooms have been transformed into futuristic bedrooms, reception staff have been replaced with an app with a chat function and guests open doors with a digital wristband. That makes this concept ideal for the travel-loving generation “Y” who grew up with technology and online media.

Second CityHub in Rotterdam

At the start of 2018, the second CityHub will open its doors in Rotterdam. SINH Building Solutions is the proud supplier of the basic materials for the striking sleeping spaces in this hotel. MAGOXX Board processed in SIP panels proved to be the ideal product to experience these spaces. Despite the thin walls (33 mm), the guests receive sufficient night’s rest due to the excellent sound insulation that the SIP panels offer. In addition, MAGOXX Board offers the highest fire resistance class (A1), so the safety of the guests is guaranteed.

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Renovation on the Schieweg in Rotterdam

Completely stripped and rebuilt

Four buildings have been renovated on the Schieweg in Rotterdam. The buildings have been completely stripped and rebuilt with sustainable building material and a sustainable energy supply. MAGOXX Board formed the basis for this. The wooden beam layer between each floor has a 9mm MAGOXX Board at the bottom, which achieves a fire resistance of 60 minutes. Between the beams is 50 mm rock wool. The floors consist of 24mm MAGOXX Board, with floor heating over the entire floor, grooves milled on site. The underfloor heating is covered with a 4mm MAGOXX Board and a screed.

The convenience and flexibility

MAGOXX Board was chosen for the convenience and flexibility that MAGOXX Board offers. In old buildings you have to deal with disturbances, not right angles and depth differences. MAGOXX Board can be easily edited and applied, making this problem a lot easier to bridge.