History: What about coincidence

Sometimes you hear coincidence does not exist, in my case I would like to confirm that.

It was in the fall of 2012 that we received a very special garden shed in our garden. Not only the design was special, but also the materials used. One of those materials was a magnesium oxide board. I Never heard of it. After some research on the internet I found out that it is a board material with many beautiful features and I saw that it was easy to use. Furthermore I discovered that there were few suppliers of this material in the Netherlands, while this type of board is widely used in Japan, Australia and New Zealand. That intrigued me.

The other coincidence was that around the same period my job at DHL Express stopped. That forced me to refocus on what I wanted to do the rest of my working life. After a mountain walk at the foot of the Himalayas in India I knew for sure. My new job had to touch with architecture (my original study), with direct results and with entrepreneurship. I then decided to start a company in December 2013 with the aim of taking on the production of and trade in magnesium oxide plates. SINH Building Solution was founded.

What followed was extensive research into the essence of this board material, the selection of the production partner in China, the execution of various tests in preparation for the CE quality mark and market research in the Netherlands and India. I could elaborate on each of these topics for a long time, but I will not do so here. Our market introduction started in 2014 in India under the SINH Board brand. The company in India was unsuccessful for various reasons and I stopped in 2016. Yet it has been an educational period for me. In 2016 all energy and attention shifted to the Netherlands, where we work via the MAGOXX brand. We now have 3 product lines: floors, facades and interior walls. We have many solutions at our disposal to support the customer in his desire to create a safe and sustainable building.

In the end I hope to realize my ultimate dream: the MAGOXX sheet material factory in the Netherlands.

Warm regards,

Jan Engels – Founder SINH Building Solutions

The Team

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