Sustainable Innovation

After the last climate conference in Paris, we all know the importance of reducing our CO2 emissions to prevent further climate warming. the most important task is to achieve results quickly. In addition to the known sources of CO2 emissions such as traffic, air and sea shipping and coal-fired power stations, there are also less striking sources such as bow materials. We mainly use concrete for the construction of homes and business premises. This makes concrete the most used building material in the world. A lot of CO2 is released during the production and hardening of concrete. A conservative estimate shows that the concrete and cement industry alone is responsible for around 5% of global CO2 emissions!

In addition to all the initiatives that are already taking place to make cement and concrete environmentally friendly, it is necessary to look for alternative materials and other ways to innovate construction. This is especially important in view of the continuing urbanization. Good, sustainable building materials play an important role in modern urban design.

The search for sustainable innovation and the passion for architecture of the founder Jan Engels led to the establishment of SINH Building Solutions. This company offers innovative and sustainable building solutions based on Magnesium Oxide, including the MAGOXX Board. These solutions make faster and more flexible construction possible and thereby lower our ecological footprint.

MAGOXX Board = Green Choice

In addition to all the initiatives already taken to make cement and concrete more environmental friendly and which are described in several articles, we offer a greener alternative, namely: magnesium oxide board materials.

MAGOXX Boards are energy and material efficient. To produce magnesium oxide you only need the half of temperature of the production of cement and concrete. In conclusion our solution leads directly to a 50% cut of the total amount of CO2 emissions.MAGOXX boards are non-toxic, anti-fungal and free from asbestos and silicates. Moreover, they are 100% recyclable and have a small ecological footprint. Thanks to the “green” properties, our products directly contribute to the sustainability of all projects in which they are used.

MgO Carbon Footprint Infograpic

If you want to read more about the Magnesium Oxide Co2 Footprint, please contact us and click here.


100% Recyclable

Non Toxic

Light Weight